Contractor Membership

Contractor Membership Application

The applicant for Contractor membership in the Association, shall be a legally licensed contractor engaged in the Electrical Construction Industry, or the Voice/Data/Communications Industry, in an area served by this Chapter. The applicant agrees to participate in the Chapter's programs, support the stated purposes of this Association and pay dues, fees and assessments when due. An initiation fee of $250.00 and the first month's dues must accompany this application.

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Membership shall be continuous. In the case of termination, all dues shall be paid in full as of that date, and I agree to discontinue immediately the use of the Association insignia in any form. Termination requests must be made in writing. This application is subject to approval of the Board of Directors. I authorize investigation of all statements contained herein and certify they are true and correct and hereby make application for contractor membership.

You may submit this form electronically in order that we may begin processing this application. However, IEC must receive an original signed copy of the application (you may print this page) and payment of applicable fees prior to approval of the application by the Board of Directors.