Contractor Membership



Following is the current dues structure.  It is based upon the number of field electrical employees only.  Do not include office staff.


                                          # Employees             Monthly Dues


                                    1-5                               $177.00          

                                    6-10                             $219.06          

                                    11-20                           $535.25

                                    21-60                           $795.22

                                    61-100                         $894.43

                                    101-150                       $990.35

                                    151-200                       $1167.89

                                    201+                            $1311.20



Please fill in below the average number of electrical field personnel you employ on a monthly basis.  Sign, date and return this form to the IEC office with your application for membership.  If you have any questions regarding the monthly dues schedule, please call the chapter office.


We employ ________ electrical field employees on an average monthly basis.



         Authorized Signature                                                                   Title



Company Name                                                                            Date



Submit request for membership any one of the following ways:


·   Please sign this form using a digital signature, make your $350.00 Initiation payment along with your 1st Month’s Dues and submit it to this website.


·   Print, manually sign, include the Contractor Application Form and the 1st Credit Card Authorization Payment Form approving your card to be charged with the $350.00 Initiation Fee plus your 1st Month’s Dues and fax it to:  713-862-9552 along with the credit card authorization form.


·   Sign and mail along with the Contractor Application Form with your payment to: IEC TX Gulf Coast, 601 N. Shepherd, Ste. 330, Houston, TX  77007.