Gilbert Soliz
Director of Education

Gilbert Soliz has been a teacher at the IEC since 1999 and started working full time as the Director of Education in March of 2016. Some of his responsibilities include assembling thorough power points for our member’s electrical classes and any other special classes they may prefer, consistently answering National Electrical Code questions that members might have trouble understanding, and instructing the State Master’s Exam Prep course, as well as other courses we offer here at the IEC.

Born in Alice, Texas and raised in Houston, Gilbert has been a qualified electrician for 37 years and counting. He started the electrical trade in 1980, working mainly in construction. In 1993, he began working as a certified Journeyman Electrician at HISD. He was employed with the City of Houston as an Electrical Inspector in the year of 1999. After holding that position for 5 years, he was eventually promoted to Electrical Superintendent, where he remained until 2016.

When not at work, Gilbert can be found cruising around on his Harley or tearing it up on the dance floor with his wife of 37 years, Lidia. He also enjoys spending time with his seven grandkids and dog, Princess, or escaping reality on a luxurious sea voyage every now and then.

Gilbert served in the U.S. Army for 3-active and 3-inactive years. He was a Rank E4 Specialist Communication Operator stationed in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Gilbert would like for people to know that he is an open minded, caring individual who takes pride in his work and can get along with almost anyone and everyone he encounters. He enjoys having the opportunity to share his knowledge and motivation with aspiring electricians, and hopes to continue to assist future electricians with improving their skills in the electrical field.