Another program provided within IEC allowing you to easily scale your businees.

About The IEC Shared Man Program


When a contractor has a surplus of good men he would like to keep when his work is slow, he can offer them to other contractors in the program on a shared basis. Notification can be made through the IEC office or directly to the contractor(s) in the program.


The Home Firm maintains its nucleus of personnel without having to pay employees to sit at home. The Host Firm is able to find competent temporary help. The electrician does not lose time during a slow cycle at his Home Firm and the IEC members participating in the program will be able to maintain a more qualified work force.

IEC Shared Man Terms & Conditions:

  1. Duration of the loan not to exceed sixty (60) days.
  2. Home Firm and the Host Firm must communicate before the sixty days are up to either terminate the loan or mutually agree to extend it.
  3. No attempt will be made by the Host Firm to entice or otherwise induce the electrician to quit the Home Firm. Violation of this rule would result in the expulsion of the Host Firm from the program.
  4. The Host Firm will pay the actual present wage rate and all legal fringes. This does not include any additional benefits normally provided by the Home Firm such as medical insurance, paid holidays, vacation, etc.
  5. The Home Firm will continue to pay any extra or optional benefits as agreed upon by the Home Firm with their employee.
  6. The electrician(s) loaned must perform adequately or will be automatically returned to the Home Firm.
  7. The electrician will go on the Host Firm payroll as a regular employee.
  8. The electrician must agree not to take any holiday and/or vacation time during the loan period.
  9. The Host Firm is responsible for reporting OJT hours of Indentured Apprentices to the Home Firm on a weekly basis, and the Home Firm is responsible for reporting these hours to the IEC office.

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