Electrical Contractor - Rules & Class Information

Basic Guidelines For All Attendees of IEC Training and Classes

Your Participation & Engagement Is Classes and Training

The student accepts the responsibility for:

  • attending class
  • being punctual
  • being respectful to others
  • maintaining a neat appearance
  • making an honest effort to complete the learning objectives

Successful completion requires 100% attendance and achievement of learning objectives. Certification is awarded upon successful completion of the course objectives.

Every effort is made to begin and hold class at the designated time. Each class is contingent on the required minimum number of students. Occasionally, extenuating circumstances arise requiring cancellation or delay. In such cases, we attempt to notify all students by telephone.

Students are not notified if a class is made. Students are contacted only in the event of a class cancellation or change.

In the event severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, ice storms, or other acts of nature create hazardous conditions and/or extended power outages, IEC Texas Gulf Coast, Inc. administrators may find it necessary to close the school. IEC Texas Gulf Coast, Inc. will not close the school unless all Houston Community College campuses and all University of Houston campuses have announced closings. Students and faculty are advised to listen to local area radio and television stations for announcements and updates or log on to www.school-closings.net.

Electrical Contractor Rules and Class Information

IEC Electical Images

Register in person, fax, or by mail with full payment, to IEC Texas Gulf Coast, Inc. 601 N. Shepherd Drive #330 Houston, TX 77007 Tel: (713) 869-1976 - OR Fax: (713) 862-9552. MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit cards are accepted. Member Companies may be invoiced provided the authorized company representative has signed the appropriate form.

Registrations are accepted on a first-come basis. Register early to secure a place in the class of your choice. Payment must be made at the time of registration. The cut-off date for registration is three days before the class start date or when the class is full. No registrations will be accepted after the cut-off date.

A full refund will be given if canceled in writing at least three days before the class start date or if the class is canceled by the IEC. No refunds or transfers within 3 business days before class begins. If you must register after 5:00 p.m., contact the main office before 5:00 p.m. and make arrangements.

IEC reserves the right to cancel classes, change class locations, dates, fees, class size, and instructors when necessary.

Rules and Responsibilities of Students Enrolled in the IEC Texas Gulf Coast Continuing Education Classes


  1. Successful completion requires 100% attendance and achievement of learning objectives. Certification is awarded upon successful completion of the course objectives.
  2. Eating, drinking, or the use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited in the classrooms. Smoking is prohibited in the building. Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not allowed on campus, including in the parking lot.
  3. Misconduct or any other inappropriate action on my part will lead to my immediate dismissal from this class.
  4. Neither theft, vandalism, nor abusive or disruptive behavior will be tolerated. Vandalism or theft of any school property including books and exams, or any property belonging to another student while he/she is on school property (satellite classrooms included) will be punishable up to and including termination from the class.
  5. Employee recruitment on school property (within buildings or parking areas) is prohibited. I understand that recruitment of any individual enrolled in any class (apprenticeship program included) while on school property WILL result in my immediate dismissal from class with the forfeiture of any fees and certificates.
  6. Students and instructors are NOT permitted to talk on a cell phone ANYWHERE inside the building between 5pm and 10pm (cell phones and pagers must be in the "SILENT" or vibrate mode ANYWHERE inside the building).
  7. Quiet conversations in the break rooms between 5pm and 10pm.
  8. There is NO PARKING in the instructor's parking spaces.